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Shield Xteriors specializes in James Hardie siding because we believe in the product. But you may be wondering what makes it so special. Let us explain. 

What is James Hardie Siding?

Hardie Board siding, also sometimes called ‘cement board siding’ is not new. It has been used for decades and is considered the most popular siding in America. That’s for good reason: James Hardie siding not only provides uncompromising durability that can last a lifetime, but that durability comes in a range of design options that will fit the style of any home. The following will highlight some of the biggest pros of the James Hardie Siding.

What is James Hardie Siding made of?

The greatest strength (literally) of Hardie Board siding is its unique composition: a combination of cement, sand, water, and cellulose (wood) fibers. Unlike other sidings, such as vinyl or wood, Hardie board doesn’t expand under changes in moistures or crack under cold temperatures. 

Is Hardie Board Siding good for the weather in my area?

Another great upside of Hardie Board siding is that it is engineered specifically for the climate in your region of the United States. This is called the HardieZone system, and its products come in two regional types: HZ5 (for HardieZone 5) and HZ10. If you live in St. Louis or anywhere in the north or Midwest, your Hardie Board type is HZ5, a product engineered to resist year-round precipitation and extreme seasonal temperatures. HZ5 products have a particular focus on reducing the intrusion of moisture into the siding, which helps prevent cracking, swelling, and mold growth.

If you lived in the southern part of the United States, such as Florida or Texas, your product would be HZ10, which is designed to resist extreme heat and scorching sun.

Don’t be worried about exactly getting the wrong product for your region! The Jame Hardie distribution chain doesn’t even deliver the wrong product to your climate, so no matter where you live, you should know that you are getting the correct product for you and your region.

How durable is Hardie siding?

Hardie Board is impressively strong and can resist almost anything Mother Nature can throw at it. It’s insect resistant, totally waterproof, fire-resistant, and more. It will protect the interior of your home for longer, without warping or breaking.

How good is Hardie Board in a Storm?

Heavy rain, wind, and hail are the most common causes of damage to the siding. You may have seen the disastrous effects of storm damage on the siding of many homes before, but we’d hazard a guess that those damaged siding jobs were not Hardie Board. The composition and durability of fiber cement in Hardie Board makes it impervious to the worst storms you’ll encounter in the Midwest. Whether you are worried about rain, snow, or hail, Hadie Board will protect your home and continue to maintain its stunningly attractive appearance.

Does Harding Siding look good? Will it fit the style of my home?

Not only is Hardie Board strong and resistant to all the elements in nature, but it is also remarkably attractive. Its subtle grains and grooves are designed to mimic wood, despite being composed largely of concrete, but unlike wood, Hardie Board is resistant to extreme temperatures and humidity.  

When it comes to fitting the style of your home, Hardie board is also cosmetically versatile. It comes in a wide variety of design options, from smooth to rough textures, horizontal to vertical planks, and from shingles and stucco. No matter the appearance of your home, Hardie board will compliment it perfectly.

Does the paint last long on Hardie Board?

Most other siding options need a new paint job every year or two, but not Hardie Board. James Hardie coats its products with a patented baked-on ColorPlus® technology that helps maintain the vibrancy of the paint, so you’ll worry less about fading and scratching and won’t need to repaint nearly as often.

What’s the average lifespan of Hardie Board?

Hardie Board is engineered to have a much longer lifespan than almost any other siding material on the market. Fiber cement doesn’t buckle, crack, and it never rots. The designers at James Hardie are confident enough in the longevity of their material to give it a 30-50-year warranty, which may amount to the lifetime of the home (and perhaps the life of the homeowner, too!) Although some minimal maintenance is required (repainting every 5 years or so), Hardie Board is designed to never be replaced.


Is Hardie Board Environmentally Friendly?

In 2017, the Green Builder Media annual Readers’ Choice survey named James Hardie the “Greenest Siding Brand” for the sixth year in a row. James Hardie is unique in using sustainable practices and natural materials in the makeup of its products. In our professional opinions, Hardie Board siding is the most environmentally-friendly siding choice.

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